Amana Farms Beef: BQA Certified Producers

Beef Quality Assurance

All of Amana Farms Beefs’ production staff are BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) Certified Producers. This certification is a commitment to producing beef that meets both BQA and Amana’s high standards for quality. Quality you can taste and quality you can trust at your family dinner table.

Being a BQA Certified Producer is a promise to raise cattle in a safe and sustainable way. We voluntarily participate in this program alongside like-minded beef farmers and ranchers who believe in safe and effective management practices, providing customers with the highest-quality beef available.

The BQA standards were designed by producers to provide you, the customer, with confidence and trust in the beef you purchase from producers like Amana Farms. We’re proud to meet and exceed the certified standards of this program and are excited to share our quality products with you.

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