Brats Amana Style!

german bratwurst dish

Click below to learn how to prepare Bratwurst in the Amana-way! Bratwurst cooked the Amana-way.

Perfect Prime Rib

Check out these TOP 5 Tried and True Tips for cooking the perfect prime rib. Remove the chill. In order to preserve your prime rib, it’s best to remove from the refrigerator two hours prior to cooking. Season, season, season. Because of its mass, prime rib needs a decent amount of salt. Place the salt […]

Up Your Grilling Game

Are you looking to impress your friends and family? Use these simple tips to up your grilling game. Start with a clean grill. Move the meat around as little as possible. Avoid squeezing or flattening as meat cooks. Use a thermometer to determine doneness. Good news! A digital meat thermometer comes with each Amana Farms […]