Few Feeding Many

Beef Crew copy

Small but mighty.

Many people don’t know that a handful of hardworking people operate Amana Farms Beef.

Raising beef is a complex process and, more often than not, a thankless career. Farmers and ranchers accept long hours, stubborn animals, and harsh weather conditions. Amana Farms commits to raising cattle in safe, humane, and environmentally sustainable ways throughout the entire process.

May is National Beef Month, a great time to recognize the importance of the beef industry in your state and celebrate the farmers and ranchers who work hard every day.

Less than 1% of the U.S. population raises our food.

Compared to 1960, half as many farmers and ranchers today feed a U.S. population that has more than doubled. Today, one farmer or rancher raises enough food to feed 155 people compared to just 19 in 1940.

Smaller environmental footprint.

Raising beef today requires less water, land, and energy, thanks to continuous improvements by farmers and ranchers.

Thank a farmer or rancher today!