Amana Farms Joins Cargill in Building Climate Resilience

AMANA (August 30th) Amana Farms is enrolling 3,300 acres of their 2022-23 crop fields into Cargill RegenConnectTM – a voluntary market-based regenerative agriculture program offering producers a simple, flexible, and transparent way to access the growing carbon marketplace. Cargill RegenConnect offers one-crop-year contracts to producers’ customers in fifteen Midwest states to sequester carbon through implementing […]

Amana Farms Beef Is On The Road For Less Than 150 Miles

We remove transportation and stress on our cattle by controlling the processing, storage, and delivery of our home-raised cattle. In a traditional beef supply chain, an animal and product’s life cycle can travel over 1,000 miles before reaching your home. Why does this matter? Large-scale transportation of food consumes large quantities of fossil fuels and […]

Amana Farms Beef: BQA Certified Producers

All of Amana Farms Beefs’ production staff are BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) Certified Producers. This certification is a commitment to producing beef that meets both BQA and Amana’s high standards for quality. Quality you can taste and quality you can trust at your family dinner table. Being a BQA Certified Producer is a promise to […]